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Sativa Hemp - Hemp Handbag & Rucksack

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This adorable design from the Sativa Hemp/cotton mix rucksack/ Shoulder Bag range can be worn over the shoulder or as a handbag or by simply adjusting the straps you can convert it into a backpack.

Whether you’re going to the gym or for a night out you need something which isn’t too big to carry your possessions this hemp/cotton mix rucksack/shoulder bag is the perfect answer. Made from natural hemp/cotton mix it’s also environmentally friendly. The main compartment is zipper fastened to provide easy access and keep it secure, there’s also a zipper fastened pocket located at the rear of the bag to keep items close and secure. Simply pull the straps backwards to make it into a rucksack, or up to make it into a trendy neat shoulder bag. Our Sativa key holder provides quick and easy access to your keys and keeps your Sativa bag interior in pristine condition.


  • Zipper fastening to main compartment
  • Back zipper pocket
  • All fastenings are magnetic and not press button to make it easy to open and close pockets
  • Sativa Carabiner for your keys
  • (W) 24cm (H) 25cm (D) 5.5cm