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RAW - Shoulder Bag

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This Raw-some shoulder bag will be your go-to partner to carry all your Raw essentials easily.

This Raw shoulder bag comes with three pockets, some heavy-duty zips, and an adjustable strap that will help you to carry your essentials. It’s highly recommendable for anyone who loves to travel a lot.

The bag is made from a strong fabric that will stand strong against rips and tears. The woven strap is wide to minimize discomfort and it can be adjusted to your ideal length as well.


Height: 240mm
Width: 220mm
Depth: 85mm
Total Strap Height: 650mm (Shoulder to Top of Bag)
Front Pocket: 190mm X 200mm X 35mm
Back Pocket: 240mm X 220mm X 60mm
Inside Pocket: 110mm X 150mm ~20mm