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Mule Extracts - CBD/THC Gummies, Peach

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Life's a peach! Why not treat yourself to a delightful blend of taste and wellness with Mule Extracts Peach CBD Gummies? Peaches are an vitamin rich fruit that supports cardiovascular health, stress relief, and similarly to CBD, has anti-inflammatory properties. Crafted with the all natural flavors and benefits of peaches paired with the soothing effects of CBD, each gummy contains 50mg of CBD and approximately 8mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 intended to restore internal balance and support your endocannabinoid system.

Indulge in Mule's artisanal-style CBD-infused gummies, carefully crafted with all-natural ingredients and blended with exotic flavors. Mule CBD gummies are created in an ODA Certified facility and undergo third-party testing, ensuring you enjoy the purest CBD treat that nature has to offer. Their foundation of granulated sugar and water adds a satisfying sweetness, while the inclusion of gelatin and coconut oil ensures a pleasing texture and beneficial natural fats. What sets these gummies apart is the infusion of Hemp Oil Extracts (CBD), promising a holistic wellness experience in every bite.

Please note, these gummies contain tree nuts (coconuts).