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King Palm - Flavoured Hemp, King Size, Papers & Tips

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Flavoured rolling papers are an exciting way to change up your smoking routine! They let your natural herb flavour shine through while adding an extra pop of fruity natural flavours.

King Palm's flavoured hemp rolling papers are derived from the same plant as your favourite dry herb. King Palm is passionate about helping you curate a natural smoking experience, and our flavoured rolling papers are King Palm's newest innovation!

These flavoured rolling papers are more natural and safer to smoke than other joint papers that could contain dyes, bleaches, glues, or unnatural chemicals.

King Palm flavoured hemp papers are free from the following:

  • Nicotine
  • Glues
  • Dyes or bleaches
  • Added chemicals
  • GMOs

Each hemp rolling paper comes with paper filter tips. That will release the flavour, giving you a unique experience with your herb!

These flavoured rolling papers are King-sized and hold about 1.25 grams of herb. Your order will receive 32 paper tips and 32 flavoured rolling papers. They have even been mentioned and recommended on