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King Palm - Hemp Wraps, 2pk

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King Palm all-natural hemp wraps feature a variety of flavors. Tobacco free wraps coupled with terpene infusion are just a few things smokers are looking for these days. Add in the included paper tips for smooth smoke sessions that burn slower.

Tobacco free wraps are next level cannabis papers that give top-tier rolls. They’re also excellent in many other ways:

  • Hemp wraps derive from all natural hemp sources for a healthier smoke
  • Paper tips are included for more airflow while keeping out loose bud and resin
  • Large surface area allows for rolling of any size blunt
  • Absence of tobacco allows for a smoother, non-addictive smoke that lets smokers actually taste the unique flavors of their cannabis
  • Sealable pouch that keeps everything fresh until ready
  • Super slow burn

Product Includes:

  • 2 Hemp Wraps Per Pouch
  • 2 Model X Filter Tips Per Pouch