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King Palm - Hemp Wick, 17Ft

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King Palm’s Hemp Wick is a natural alternative to butane lighters and matches. Hemp and beeswax are two optimal renewable resources. To use, simply light the end and tilt it up or down to control the flame.

King Palm’s Hemp Wick can be used as an amazing alternative to butane lighters and matches.

When you use a butane lighter or match to light your piece, it burns your product at a very high temperature, and you inhale harmful chemicals like butane or combustibles.

Your substance might be more potent when you use a hemp wick because it produces a lower-temperature flame, which preserves the integrity of your herb.

Many users report that their substance tastes better when they use a hemp wick as well.

Hemp wicks made from all-natural materials that are safe to inhale.

To use a King Palm Hemp Wick, simply unfurl it, light it, and touch it to your herb to start your smoking session!