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King Palm - Dragon Egg - Blunt Bubbler

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This unique blunt bubbler features a turbine glass disc and a bent 10MM bowl. Cool down your smoke even more with this dragon egg waterpipe.

Fits your own hand rolled blunts or the following King Palm natural leaf blunt cones.

  • Rollie
  • Mini
  • Slim

On the hunt for the best blunt bubbler?

Searching for weed accessories like the best blunt bubbler yields a number of impressive finds. One such gem is the Dragon Egg–a small blunt bubbler that features a bent 10mm bowl that’s compatible with any favorite King Palm Mini, Rollie, or Slim.

Like a glass bong for joints

The two worlds of joints and glass bongs collide to form this fantastic weed accessory that will have you breathing huge dragon-esque clouds of hot fire–or cannabis smoke–from your favourite palm leaf rolls.