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Green Element - 200:14, CBD Chocolate, Madagascan Milk, 58% Cacao

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Green Element CBD Bars are the result of a collaboration between craft manufacturers that share a love of producing artisan organic products for their friends, families, and neighbours.

Every bar is hand crafted from bean to bar with only the finest organic and sustainably produced ingredients on earth. Green Element uses only estate grown single origin cacao and shade grown single origin coffee to preserve the distinct flavours of the regions they are grown in.  

Each 3oz bar contains 200mg of CBD and approximately 14mg of THC, plus a full spectrum of other cannabinoids to bring a smile to your day.  No preservatives, no artificial flavours, just Cacao and Cannabinoids, as nature intended.  

Rich Chocolate, meet creamy milk!  MADAGASCAN MILK CHOCOLATE combines our favourite estate grown Sambirano Valley Cacao with the amazing creaminess of Organic A2/A2 whole milk from America's first Certified Regenerative Dairy, the Alexandre Family Farm in Crescent City, CA.  Perfect for those who like it a little lighter!