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Freeze Pipe - Portable E-Nail

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A Dab Rig's Best Friend

Providing a cleaner and fuller taste than quartz bangers and torches, E-nails remove the chemicals and concentrate overheating that's associated with traditional dab kits.

Removing butane from the equation reveals the proper taste of concentrates, in addition to the health benefits of not inhaling torch chemicals. Further increasing the taste is our use of a quartz dish inside the E-nail. E-nails can use a variety of dishes, like titanium, which dampen flavour and make for a mundane dabbing experience.

Precise Temperature Control & User Friendly

Find your favourite temperature and remove the guess work from dabbing with our LED display. Easy-to-use function puts you in full control and allows doe multiple dabs without re-heating.

There's pros and cons to dabbing at higher and lower temperatures, and learning what you like best has never been easier. You'll know instantly when it's dab time and how long the quartz dish is hot for. Exact temperature control and simple click-and-press function makes this E-nail adored by experts and beginners.

Portable vaporizer that delivers mouth-watering dabs in seconds. This E-nail quickly heats between 200 - 750 degrees and adjusts to fit 14mm and 18mm bowls. Rest assured it fits all Freeze Pipe bongs and recyclers. Featuring a built-in safety shutoff, this E-nail automatically turns off after 60 seconds once the desired temperature is reached. No more blow torches or stop watches, go electronic with your dabs for a safer, quicker and tastier concentrate experience.


  • Fits any piece with an 14mm or 18mm Female Joint; Including all the Freeze Pipe Bongs and Recycler models
  • Temperature can be set from 200-750°F
  • LED screen shows you the exact temperature, time left before cooldown, and battery life
  • Flip-top chamber allows you to safely and easily insert wax without burning yourself
  • Lightweight and portable; Fits in the palm of your hand