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Fibonacci - A1 Compact Grinder

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Introducing the Fibonacci A1 Compact Edition.

Precision engineered from 8 pieces of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum. Its the A1 model, because its an all aluminum construction. Weighing in at 240grams.

A total of 20x high strength neodymium magnets connect the (1) grinder lid to grinder chassis (2) storage tray to grinder chassis (3) storage lid to storage tray and (4) flip out hand crank to the grinder lid.

Super compact at 3cm thickness, with a large dry herb side storage tray. Orientated sideways from stacked compartments. Makes the Fibonacci grinder a discreet and pocket size travel companion.

Features machine etched Fibonacci logo on side of grinder chassis and grinder lid, exposing the shiny silver metal, that reflects and shimmers in the light.