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Cookies - Electric Grinder, Small

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Cookies rechargeable grinders make it so easy and simple to charge and grind your herb or flower on the go

  • Curved diamond shaped blades, precisely sized to ensures a consistent, perfect grind.
  • Rechargeable – easy to charge. The Cookies Autogrinder can be charged off stoners’ mobile cell phone or USB chargers (adapter included)
  • Made of sharp stainless-steel blades
  • Large capacity flower grinder- 3.5 oz capacity 100ml (small amounts may need to be shaken to grind properly)
  • Best portable electronic auto-grinder.
  • The Cookies electronic automatic flower grinder has stainless steel blades centered in the middle of the grinding reservoir for larger capacity grinding.
  • Just a push of a button and start the grind. Easy to use

Wholesale Cookies Electric Grinder

Details of the Cookies Electric Grinder:

  • Each Grinder Includes USB Charger
  • Size: 6.8cm x 4.7cm x 4.2cm
  • Diameter: 50mm Width: 70mm
  • Mix Colors: Red Blue Black Purple Gold Green (random color)
  • Material: plastic+metal
  • Weight :85g
  • Package: 12 Automatic Grinders In A Box Display.


  • Do not use with metal or wood
  • Use caution when rinsing or grinding.
  • Ensure this grinder is used only when the lid is connected.
  • This electric grinder can be dangerous since the cutting blades will spin while the lid is removed, if the button is pressed.