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Calumet Spiritpipes - Hantayo

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This beautiful glass-wood combination called Hantayo, was created in collaboration with the glassblower Michael Kerzendörfer. For cleaning, the Spiritpipe can be easily disassembled by hand. Just like our other glass-wood combinations, a stylish sliding box is included as standard. It also comes with a replacement head, hanging strainer and a 10 pack of GIZEH activated charcoal filters

  • Calumet 4 plug system incl. glass piece from by Michael Kerzendörfer.
  • Made in Germany
  • Pure natural product treated only with linseed oil
  • Chamber for 8mm GIZEH activated carbon filter
  • Incl. hanging sieve Ø12mm and spare head
  • Incl. GIZEH 8mm hemp Active Filter 10-pack
  • Made of Olive Wood