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Pure Sativa - Rolling Tray, The Cali Connection Deadhead OG (Biodegradable)

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The Cali Connection Deadhead OG Biodegradable Rolling Tray is one of the new in-house designs of rolling trays created in collaboration with Pure Sativa in these eye-catching small-batch rolling tray designs. Rep your passion for The Cali Connection and the Dead Head OG cultivar with The Cali Connection Deadhead OG Biodegradable Rolling Tray by Pure Sativa.

Dead Head OG is a supremely sedating strain thanks to the Chem 91 Skunk mother and the SFV OG IBL (or Tahoe OG for the feminised seeds), ensuring potency and savoury gas-fuelled flavour profiles. The Deadhead OG is an outstanding yielder and a fast-growing strain making for a perfect commercial producer. In addition, the genetics in the direct lineage often result in an intense gasoline-drenched lemon that will keep your nose in close contact with this smell as long as possible. Some phenotypes are more skunky and will be sure to overpower just about every other strain in the room.

Why not check out the Cali Connection Deadhead OG Biodegradable Rolling Tray by Pure Sativa today and add a psychedelic twist smoking stash with the vibrant trippy Dead Head OG design.