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Phoenix Star - Ash Catcher, 90 Degree with Straight Tube, 14mm Male Joint

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Phoenix Star Ash Catcher 90 Degree 14mm Male is made from thick borosilicate glass, well-designed and durable. It is designed to keep ash from getting into your bong. Smokers will get cleaner and smoother hits via phoenix star ash catcher. It features a 14mm male joint and available in 45 degree and 90 degree two options, can be easily added-on to your bong piece. According to your bong's joint angle to choose the appropriate ash catcher bong.

Those bulk ash catcheres 14mm are not just effective for good clean fun, they can also cool and filter the smoke then improve your bong's filtration. Just pour the chamber with some water and attach it to your favorite bong. The smoke will be sucked in the perc and filtered when pass through the chamber of 14mm ash catcher. Three colors for your choice.


  • Joint size: 14mm M
  • Colors: green, black, blue
  • Features: 90 degree