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King Palm - King Size, French Rolling Papers & Flavoured Tips

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King Palm's first rolling papers that include our signature Squeeze & Pop™ flavoured filter tips.

  • Each booklet contains 32 King size French Brown papers and 16 Flavored tips.

Squeeze & Pop Filter Tips Included

Each book of our premium French brown rolling papers comes with 32 King size joint papers and 16  flavoured filter tips. The filer tips are also pre-rolled to make them super-easy to use.

Flavour That Never Overpowers

King Palm don’t use artificial flavouring in their products, and their filter tips use only natural oils and terpenes. The flavour is formulated to add a delicious, creamy flavour to your favourite strains without overpowering their natural aromas and flavours.

French Brown Papers Roll Better. The King Palm French brown rolling papers are thinner and stronger than other unbleached rolling papers, and the premium fiber blend makes them the smoothest and slow-burning papers as well. These brown rolling papers come in a convenient box that holds leaf book and filter tips for ultimate portability.