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King Palm - Hydra Jet Butane Torch Lighter

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Experience the power of the 3 headed dragons known as the Hydra. This King Palm triple jet torch lighter has an exceptional ratio of size to output, allowing you to effortlessly light up in any weather conditions. Luxury and strength in the palm of your hand.

Combat lighting up in windy environments with this triple jet lighter. If you’re tired of cheap plastic lighters that don’t always light on the first try or are sick of hurting your fingers on those pesky flint wheels, it’s time to step your game up a notch. Look no further than the Hydra Triple Jet Lighter. King Palm brought out the big guns with this robust design, which features:

Product Details:

  • Three torches packed with force
  • Push-button ignition
  • Classy black perforated metal with gold trimmings
  • Black Gift Box
  • Micro Fiber Cloth
  • Refillable Tank