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King Palm - Flavoured Palm Cones, 3pk

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These 3 pack pouches of flavoured blunt cones feature organic flavour terpene enhancement. Boveda packs inside each individual pouch ensure every blunt cone stays fresh, moist, and free of damage.

  • Dog Walkers measure 70mm
  • 1-1/4 measures 84mm
  • King Size measures 109mm
  • Organic natural terpenes
  • Squeeze & Pop corn husk filters

Guaranteed freshness with Boveda

Relative humidity is essential to maintaining freshness. Each pouch of 3 contains a Boveda humidity pack to guarantee freshness of every flavored blunt cone inside. Enjoy longer sessions with products that don’t dry out or crack before you smoke them.

New flavoured cone combos

Get in on the latest smoking sensations with these fresh all-natural flavoured blunt cones that include terpene-enhanced Squeeze & Pop corn husk filters:

  • Red Apple – Dog Walkers (70mm)
  • Cantaloupe - 1-1/4 (84mm)
  • Dragon Fruit - King Size (109mm)

King Palm products are guaranteed to satisfy because of the care that goes into each one. Tobacco-free products made from organic and sustainably sourced materials and terpenes are what consumers today demand, and our products always deliver!