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King Palm - 1-1/4", French Rolling Papers & Flavoured Tips

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Highest quality French brown rolling papers include King Palm signature Squeeze & Pop™ flavoured filter tips.

  • Each booklet contains 24 Standard (1 1/4) size French Brown papers and 11 Flavoured tips.

Roll Smooth & Slower-Burning with French Brown Rolling Papers

Our French brown rolling paper options are made from premium fibers crafted into ultra-thin papers designed to give you the smoothest smoke you can get from a joint paper. These papers are made in the French style and thinner and stronger than others.

Squeeze & Pop Flavoured Filter Tips Included

We wanted to give you control over the flavour in your session, so each book of 24 1 ¼ size rolling papers also comes with 11 pre-rolled Squeeze & Pop filter tips. You decide when and if the flavour comes out, simply pinch the middle of the filter until you feel it pop.