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Freeze Pipe - Klein Recycler

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  • 100% Borosilicate Glass
  • Height: 15cm (6") (not counting glycerine coil)
  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Top Joint: 18.8mm Female


  • Quartz Banger (with core reactor) and Carb Cap
  • Honeycomb bowl
  • 2 glycerine coils
  • Laser cut percolator
  • Recycling water function creates effortless hits
  • Glycerine coils for smoother, larger dabs 

Elite dab rig that bundles must-have dab accessories. Everything about this piece, from the size to the style recycler used was designed the be Freeze Pipe's best dab rig. Features a laser cut percolator (seriously!) for precise filtration and recycling water function that creates excellent air-flow and smoothness. Each order includes two glycerine coils, quartz banger, carb cap and a honeycomb bowl for flower. 

When dabbing, too much water filtration quickly ruins the concentrate's flavour. This is where Freeze Pipe's glycerine cooling technology really shines. Our ability to cool smoke in a glycerine coil without diluting flavour is why this dab rig delivers smoother, nicer-on-the-lungs hits with more flavour than any other dab rig.