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Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe Klein Recycler

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Cooling power without the flavor loss

Our ability to cool smoke in a glycerin coil while not diluting flavor via too much water filtration creates a flavor packed hit showcasing the delicacies of every hit.

Perfect size creates better taste

The name of the game is less stale air = more flavorful dab hits. While bigger bongs are preferable for combustible flower, concentrates operate differently. Dab rigs are smaller on purpose so there's less stale air inside the piece to interact and lessen the taste of the vapor.

Clear it all in one pull Air Flow

Recyclers refer to a design that creates constant circulation of smoke and water around the piece. This endless circulation promotes better air flow and cooling power than traditional bongs. Save your lungs and clear all the vapor with this easy-to-use piece.

Longer Dab Sessions With Better Heat Retention

Core reactors, aka the hockey puck at the bottom, increase the banger's heat retention for longer dab sessions. Stop re-heating for every hit as this banger will stay hot for you and a few friends to reach orbit!

Bigger Hits & Preferred Banger For Low-Temperature Dab Fans

Because core reactor bangers stay hotter for longer they're preferred for low-temperature dab enthusiast. Enjoy consistent heat retention across the banger for bigger hits without the sticky mess left behind.

Functional Carb Cap, Superhero Not Sidekick

The lid to your oven, carb caps further enhance heat retention and add flavor. Carb caps go on top of the banger and as you pull use the stem to rotate the the ball around. The whirlwind inside your banger by this rotation creates an even burn and easy consumption. It's all about taking dabs at lower temperatures and carb caps are amazing at keeping hot air in so you can dab low.


Elite dab rig that bundles must-have dab accessories. Everything about this piece, from the size to the style recycler used was designed the be Freeze Pipe's best dab rig. Features a laser cut percolator (seriously!) for precise filtration and recycling water function that creates excellent air-flow and smoothness. Each order includes two glycerin coils, quartz banger, carb cap and a honeycomb bowl for flower. 

When dabbing, too much water filtration quickly ruins the the concentrate's flavor. This is where Freeze Pipe's glycerin cooling technology really shines. Our ability to cool smoke in a glycerin coil without diluting flavor is why this dab rig delivers smoother, nicer-on-the-lungs hits with more flavor than any other dab rig. 

  • Laser cut percolator
  • Recycling water function creates effortless hits
  • Glycerin coils for smoother, larger dabs 


Quartz Banger (with core reactor) and Carb Cap

2 glycerin coils

Honeycomb bowl