Devil Press - Herb Grinder

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Herb Grinder 2.5 Inches Dry Spice Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, 4 Pieces Diamond Magnetic Solid. Comes in 3 colours; BLACK, BLUE AND GOLD.

DEVIL PRESS™ Grinders are crafted in high quality durable anodised aircraft aluminium NOT cheap Zinc; DEVIL PRESS™ Grinders are corrosion, flake and scratch resistant. Plus with the free Pouch, Cleaning Brush & Pollen Scraper we help ensure your grinder is well maintained!

FEELS SO GOOD! The gear-like top and 2.5 inch diameter perfectly fits most hands making it convenient to hold while you grind! DEVIL PRESS™ Grinders are designed to be easy on hand and reduce hand fatigue.

FUNCTIONAL TO IT’S CORE! Features a large storage compartment, stainless-steel mesh panel to filter even the finest pollen and deep round edge pollen tray to prevent herbs sticking in the corners. Plus with the powerful neodymium magnetic lid DEVIL PRESS™ Grinders shut tight, keeping herbs fresh, secure and odourless; even when it’s upside down! A unique locking mechanism is the final touch of perfection.

IT’S GOT BITE! Featuring ultra sharp teeth that enable effortless and efficient grinding. These perfectly positioned teeth cuts through any type of herbs, from the lightest to the densest. Few twists and you are ready to go. This also ensures exceptional durability and long-life use!