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Calumet Spiritpipes - Mini Wapi

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As the name suggests, this is the smaller version of our elegant Wapi. It is the first Spiritpipe in our range with a smaller chamber for 7mm carbon filters. You get four pieces directly from us, so you’re ready to go right away. Also included as standard is a long-lasting stainless steel hanging screen from Black Leaf. Due to the good price-performance ratio, this pipe is perfect for all pipe novices.

Dimensions: 93 x 18 x 18mm

  • Calumet 3-plug-in system
  • Made in Germany
  • Pure natural product treated only with linseed oil
  • Chamber for 7mm GIZEH activated carbon filter
  • Incl. hanging sieve Ø12mm and spare head
  • Incl. GIZEH 6mm hemp Active Filter 10-pack