Product Tutorial – Cleaning a Mighty+

Product Tutorial – Cleaning a Mighty+

Have you had your Dry Herb Vaporiser a while now and it is due a clean, but where do you begin? Let us guide you though the simple steps of cleaning your device. The following steps can be applied for both the Storz and Bickel Mighty or Mighty+ and for the Crafty+.


Now depending on your level of use and whether you use the Storz and Bickel Dosing Capsules, cleaning is recommended once a week. Before we begin we suggest you ensure that you have these items to hand;


  • Your Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Bowl with Ethanol (alternatives; Isopropyl Alcohol / bio ethanol)
  • Cotton Buds
  • Paper Towels
  • Replacement bottom chamber screen

(Optional Parts)


Preparing the Device.

Remove the cooling unit from the top of the device and pull out the mouth piece, then remove the blue seal ring. Next you will need to remove the cap lock by sliding it forward before pushing it to one side while lifting the other, now the top and base section of the cooling unit can be separated.

 Mighty Cooling Unit Take down

Using the tool stored in the bottom of the mighty, you will be able to leverage off the large seal ring, small seal ring, and remove the mesh screen by pushing it out from the top of the unit base.

Replacing cooling unit screen on Mighty+

Moving on to the device chamber, again using the tool, to remove the screen by pressing down alongside the indents in the filling chamber. Bending the screen will disengage it from the retention groove around the bottom of the chamber and enable it to be tipped out.

Cleaning the Device.

Now you have taken down your device we can move on to the actual cleaning process.

Submerge all parts of the cooling unit, excluding the cap lock, in ethanol (or Isopropyl Alcohol) for up to one hour. If your unit has a larger build up of residue you may want to stir or agitate the ethanol.

To clean the filling chamber in the main device, soak a cotton bud in alcohol and swab the inside on the chamber, ensuing that none of the alcohol leaks into the Mighty+ device. Dry all alcohol from the chamber with a fresh cotton bud and place new chamber screen in place, ensuing its secured in the retention groove.

Replacing the chamber screen of the storz and bickel mighty

Finally remove all the cooling unit parts from the ethanol and rinse thoroughly with warm water before reassembling. This is the reverse of the take down, place top and base sections of unit together, replace cap lock, fit seal ring, insert mouth piece back into cooling unit.

For further guidance you may benefit from watching the Storz and Bickel video on How to Clean on YouTube.

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