Medical Cannabis Stories #1

Medical Cannabis Stories #1

We wanted to highlight the positive impact cannabis has had on people in your community.


In order to understand the impact that Medicinal Cannabis has had on me and my family you need to understand my past, I am a 36 year old female working in finance in a position of Company Director.  Prior to having a prescription I had not consumed Cannabis through fear of the “unknown”.  

Starting from 2005 I was treated by GP’s, Surgeons, Pain Specialists, acupuncture, yoga – you name it I tried and nothing helped the debilitating pain on a long terms basis finally in 2018  I was given diagnosis of Chronic Back Pain. Under the care of the pain specialist – I was told I'm afraid we just have to manage the pain, there is no cure.  

At my worst I was taking Tramadol, Codeine, Diazepam, Lidocaine Patches for the nerves and Oramorph, at 34 years old I walked with Stick.  

I couldn’t plan to go anywhere – just in case I couldn’t move that day, I couldn’t keep my house organised ,I was unable to do basic things – like walk the dog or sometimes even drive, my relationships with my family suffered, being in pain all the time had a huge impact on my mental health, wellbeing a happiness. I tried all the conventional methods (steroids in the spine) – that made it worse, my nervous system went into overdrive, so that was no longer an option to me.  

In December 2020 I was accepted by a UK doctors for a medicinal cannabis prescription. Nervous at first I eased myself into this new medication weaning myself off the opioids etc, I was sceptical  at first, worried about the side affects, not knowing what to expect or what was normal, it was a new experience with so many fears due to the perception that the public used to have / still have around this medication.  

We are now June 2022 – I successfully walk the dog, I can exercise, I can drive, I can move and more importantly my quality of life has improved beyond anything I could conceive to be possible just 24 months ago.

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