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King Palm

Minis (1g), Margarita - 2 Pk

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With King Palm’s Margarita Mini Rolls, it’s always time for a drink. These one-gram Mini Rolls contain fruit-derived terpene capsules that mimic the flavours of a classic margarita. Combine this tasty profile with the herbal one from your bud, and your tastebuds will explode. To get the flavours flowing, simply squeeze the filter until you hear a pop! Once you hear this, you’ll be able to smell the fruity flavours coming through. Now, all you have to do is smoke.


Each two-pack includes an organic bamboo packing stick and is humidity controlled to keep your rolls smoking beautifully no matter how long they’re stored.


MINI Size Rolls - Holds Approx 1G Each


1 x Single Pack of 2 Rolls