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LTQ Vapor - Electric Grinder

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  • Easy to operate: just touch the button.
  • Large capacity 11mAh battery for multiple times use. Also, it is rechargeable by the USB cable. 
  • It also has a button lock, children lock, and short circuit protection.
  • It works only when the lid is tightened. So if the product stops working, make sure the lid is properly capped.
  • Please kindly note that: This Powerful Electric Herb Grinder is designed for herbs, dry flowers, and dry leaves. So please do not grind hard objects such as coffee or branches, incase any damage. 

How to use this powerful electric herb grinder:

Powerful Electric Herb Grinder

  • Unscrew the herb chamber and filling into the appropriate herb.
  • Then screw the chamber and grinder together.
  • Hold the machine, put it upsidedown, make sure the herb chamber is oriented downwards.
  • Press the power button and shake it at the same time.
  • And then the herbs will fall towards the spinning blades and be chopped.
  • The longer you grind, the finer pieces you’d get.

It includes:

  • Electric Herb Grinder x 1
  • Herb chamber x 1
  • USB cable x 1 
  • Cleaning brush x 1 
  • Black gift box x 1 Manual x 1