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Holistic - Incense Holder, Carved Wooden Box

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Dimensions: Box is about 31cm (12 inches) long, 5.5cm (2 inches) wide and 5.5cm (2 inches) high.
Made in: India

Information: A hand carved wooden box with brass pentacle inlays in the central part. In the internal compartment there are two holes, one at either end of the base. This means up to two incense sticks can be burned at once. The box also has two inner metal holders to enable the burning of incense cones. Once burning the lid can be closed and the smoke then can drift out through the perforations in the wood. There is a compartment in the underside of the box where it is possible to store up to 20 incense sticks. 

Made from high quality wood and these boxes are beautifully finished with a smooth polished feel and fine grain patterns.

We say: The craftsmanship is of a good standard. A great idea to have a storage box and burner in one. And it is attractive to have the smoke seep out with the lid closed.

Alternative Design: Please note, depending on the batch that we have in at the time, the placement of the hinge may be slightly different depending on the manufacturing. Please see the image above of alternative design of what this may look like. If you'd like to know which design we have in stock at the moment, please contact us and we can let you know prior to purchase.