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Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe Recycler

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Initial filtration starts with a trusty inline perc. Connected to the downstem, these slits create bubbles that start the filtration process.

Outtake Arms

The "wings" of the recycler, these arms transport your smoke to the top chamber. Once in the top chamber you'll notice a mini tornado start to form. All this movement and circulation further cleanses and cools smoke.

Drain Tube

Attaches the bottom to the top chamber. Smoke and water fall down this tube into the bottom chamber where the filtration process starts all over again.

Maxed Cooling Power

Water provides a natural cooling effect, and the longer smoke is in contact with water, the cooler it becomes. And no piece, no bong, bubbler or dab rig creates a longer relationship of smoke and water than a recycler.

Healthier Than CrossFit

It sounds too good to be true, but with the recyclers, the longer you pull the cleaner your hit becomes. By now we're sure you get the point, but the superior design of recyclers is no more evident then when it comes to filtration. Recyclers are the most effective piece when it comes to removing potentially harmful particles from smoke.

Taste The Rainbow

When smoke hits the stale air inside your piece, it loses flavor. With recyclers, because the smoke is almost always interacting with water you get the most bang for your buck flavor wise. Further adding to the taste with recyclers is the fact that the bubbles pop closer to the mouthpiece. The closer the bubbles pop before you inhale the greater the taste.

More Air Flow, Less Effort

Originally designed for concentrates, the reason recyclers are built the way they are was for the best air flow possible. Enjoy bigger hits with less work by being smarter with your piece's design.


Versatility personified. Our Recycler bong offers arguably our smoothest experience for smoking flower, while being an outstanding option for dabs. The secret sauce for recyclers is their ability to constantly filter and circulate smoke. Traditional bongs pull water up and then it falls down, whereas Recyclers create an endless loop of water and smoke circulating around inside the piece. This constant circulation creates more filtration and air flow, while also reducing the smoke's temperature more than hits from a traditional bong. 

  • Better percolation, air-flow and taste than bongs or bubblers
  • Provides constant filtration until the smoke is cleared
  • 14mm bowl - Includes Honeycomb bowl
  • Best type of rig to dab with