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Freeze Pipe

Freeze Pipe Beaker Bong

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Classic beaker bong with a Freeze Pipe twist that's stood the test of time. The added glycerin coil creates frosty hits that vastly outperform adding a few ice cubes. Not to mention when said ice cubes melt, this increases water levels and makes the bong hard to hit.

The terms ergonomic and easy come to mind when describing our beaker bong. It's thick borosilicate glass compliments it's 11" stature as this piece just feels great in your hand. It's easy to pass around and makes a great couch-smoking piece. We recommend this as a starter glycerin bong due to low maintenance, ease of use and powerfully cold hits.

  • 14mm downstem percolator
  • Simple singular detachment location makes for easy freezing and cleaning 
  • Powerful glycerin coil ensures bigger, colder hits. This piece punches well above it's weight class
  • Freeze for 1-hour


11" tall

14mm bowl

45 degree joint