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Freeze Pipe Accessories

Freeze Pipe Ash Catcher

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Ash Catchers are a bong's best friend

Think of ash catchers as a night club bouncer. They filter out the problematic guests while allowing the good stuff to enter

Glass pieces work best when they are free of resin and ash. These particles clog percolators and can be a real pain to clean off the sides of glass. The best way to clean your piece is to keep it from getting dirty in the first place. This doesn't mean not using it, rather, adding a layer of protection between debris and your bong. You'll be shocked at how long your bong is clean for and there's an added time and money savings for needing less cleaning bottles. When it is time to clean the ash catcher we made this to be as fast as possible. Throw the unit in a plastic bag, add some cleaner and swish around. Rinse with warm water and you're done! Typically this process takes but a few minutes with many cases being done in 60 seconds.

But some ash catchers can be a frienemy...

Ash catchers without recycler function create noticeable drag and cause water level disruption inside the bong

Traditional ash catchers create too much drag and can feel like you are trying to suck through a straw. Furthermore, after a few uses the water inside the ash catcher gets pulled into the bong, which dampens the bong's function. By adding the recycler design this alleviates both concerns while bringing all of the positives to your health, taste buds and bong.


To for use on Freeze Pipe's bongs, please see below for bowl sizing:


Bong XL

Bong Dual

Bubbler XL


Recycler bong

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