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Boveda Humidity Pack 62%

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Using patented 2-way humidity control technology, the Boveda humidity pack eliminates naturally occurring humidity spikes and regulates the conditions inside the container, preventing your herbs from losing any potency from the evaporation of oils or other active ingredients. 

Shield Technology= Thrichome and Terpene Retention 

Boveda works using a saline mixture that releases a water vapour layer so that it can shield your herb's most important elements. This has been shown to save up to 15% more terpenes than similar samples that weren't protected using Boveda's technology. Moreover, Boveda packs manage the relative humidity (RH) to achieve the most desirable levels, constantly monitoring the humidity percentage in your storage container.

Optimum Relative Humidty Lvels = Mould Inhbibition 

Relative humidity levels are the most important factor when it comes to curing your goods, excess humidity can cause moulds such as PM and over-dried herbs are typically lower quality and potency. The humidity issued by Boveda is the purest you can buy due to it's simple ingredients and mind-blowing tech, not only this but they are far more cost-effective as the competing producing using water and glycerin will underperform by at least 6 times compared to Boveda. Additonally, they do not create a monolayer shield from the water vapour which means that your terpenes/ essential oils will be lost and your thrichomes won't be protected. 

The salt in the packaging allows Boveda to create a constant RH for your herbs. Water vapour is released or absorbed into the sachet as needed to maintain a perfect humidity level, which means that the ratio of salt to water changes as the salt changes from a solid as it absorbs more water in the package. When more water is released, the salt re-solidifies; fundamentally, water vapour is the only element that passes through the leak-proof membrane and forms a barrier to trichomes and terpenes. Salt will never come into contact with your herbs, so you can be sure that nothing will interfere with your products. In sum, you can lose your Terps, but you can never get them back; so grab your Boveda humidity control from us today.