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Mule Extracts

Mule - Tincture, 'Pure' (Natural) CBD/THC

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Available in a two doses of hemp derived CBD and THC. These “Pure” tincture are crafted with simple, quality ingredients that taste as good as they'll make you feel. Enjoy the "pure" all natural flavor of hemp-derived CBD with this unflavored tincture - perfect for blending with other ingredients. This highly concentrated, fast acting tincture is a breeze to incorporate into your daily and nightly routine. Enjoy it sublingually (dropped under the tongue) or blended and consumed with your favorite foods and beverages.

Recommended Use: Twice daily, place ½ dropper (0.5ml) under tongue and leave for 1 minute before swallowing remaining solution. Increase or decrease dosage as needed.

Coconut MCT Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Vitamin-E Oil, Hemp Essential Oil.