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Zeus - Hub

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Designed to cater to 3rd generation vaporizers, the Zeus Hub acts as your home base to fill and unload your ArcPods. This hard shell case is lightweight, impact resistant, and features custom molded cutouts to perfectly secure your Zeus Arc GTS or Zeus Arc S vaporizer for a tidy, convenient, and secure storage solution.

It also features cutouts designed to accommodate the Zeus Xtruder and up to 30 Zeus ArcPods ensuring that you’ll always be ready to vaporize, whenever or wherqaever you go.

Apart from functioning as a storage system, the Zeus Hub also features a tray designed to open your Zeus ArcPod lids for easy dismantling and unloading of your already vaped herb.

What’s in the Box:

  • 1 x Zeus Xtruder
  • 1 x Zeus Hub
  • 1 x Zeus ArcPods Triple Pack (15 x ArcPods & 45 x ArcPod Lids)
  • 1 x Zeus Hub Manual
  • 1 x Zeus Xtruder Manual

Dimensions: [Length x Width x Height]: 220mm x 180mm x 60mm