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Hookah XL

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Introducing the Flux Hookah-XL : The world's first portable plasma Hookah-XL! 

This conversation piece will light up the night at any event, or even for a party of one. The Flux Hookah-XL will upgrade your hookah “sesh” to a whole new level with a blast of futuristic fusion! Fill the glass test-tube down stem chamber with water to ensure clean and flavorful hits while watching the plasma filaments electrify within the glass housing of the hookah base and now ON THE OUTSIDE. Impress your friends when you bring the world’s first plasma Hookah-XL to the sesh! Made of plastic, glass and silicone materials. 

The Flux Hookah-XL Includes:

-The portable plasma water pipe base

-1 Micro USB charging cord

Hookah-XL accessories:


-Hookah Bowl

-2 Hookah hose & mouthpiece's

-Hookah tray plate 

-Hookah charcoal holder

The Flux Hookah-XL Features:

-A Plasma chamber

-Portable Hookah

-Re-chargeable (18650 batteries not included)