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Cheech & Chong - Waterpipe, 30cm Glass Leaner Beaker w/ Magnet - Basketball Jones

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Tyrone Shoelaces loves the chillax style of this bong. It’s easy to hold and catches any dribbles due to its slanted design. With a signature Cheech & Chong® Glass decal and a built-in lighter magnet, this water pipe is a slam dunk!

- 100% borosilicate glass
- Cheech & Chong® Glass decal
- Magnetic lighter holder
- Ergonomic shape
- Built-in ice catcher


1 x 30cm (12") Basketball Jones Lean Back Beaker Tube
1 x 14mm Pull-Out 
1 x 130mm Flush Mount Diffuser Downstem
1 x Cheech & Chong® Box