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Apex Ancillary - Iso Station Lite

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Iso Station Lite by Apex Ancillary combines essential dabbing components in a stylish, compact modern apparatus. Iso Station Lite is a solid contemporary design that keeps all your tools & cleaning solutions in one place; you aren't hunting around looking for your crucial accessories. Iso Station Lite truly brings effortless organisation to your dabbing station. The construction of premium borosilicate glass was selected for its heat-resistant and non-toxic properties; durability is vital for a high-usage dabbing set-up & Apex Ancillary comes through in style.

The Easy Pump design is innovative; it slots into a glass section with a closed glass bottom so you can fill it with Isopropyl Alcohol; the Pump slots into a rubber piece into the glass section. Pushing down the Pump with a cotton bud will pull alcohol into the upper well so you can clean your bangers and tools as needed. 

The Pump design is airtight, meaning there is no wastage through the evaporation of Isopropyl Alcohol or any other cleaner you may use. The Iso Station Lite contains all of the crucial elements from the XL ISO Station & the Iso Station aside from the Cotton Bud section.

Iso Station Lite features a close bottom slot holder that can be filled with ISO and keep your pearls and pillars in, whilst the top can be filled with a carb cap. Keeping your carb cap slotted into this glass section helps ensure that it stays clean and free from contaminants that could stick to any sticky resin that covers the underside of your carb cap. The carb cap and pearl section have multiple uses as Apex Ancillary truly allows for economical use of space.

All Apex Ancillary ISO Stations feature a mini funnel for easy pouring of cleansing solution.

Please note carb cap, accessories and dab tool aren't included.